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The Plastic Gun

17 Feb

The Plastic Gun

Day 1

Actually I have no idea what day it is.  My life has been such a disaster.  Well, everyone’s life is now a disaster.  I am hiding out in the shed in my backyard because my house burned down and my parents are dead.  I know my handwriting is terrible and my spelling is even worse but I am writing this down because I don’t know what else to do.  I have a little bit of daylight left and some food but not much else.  I have to pee really bad but can’t risk going outside until dark so they won’t find me.  I don’t think any of the gangs are looking for me in particular but if they capture me, I am dead.

For the record, my name is Candace Margeaux and I am 14 years old.  Everything has gone to hell but it all happened so fast that I can barely remember how it started.  When mass numbers of  plastic guns became an every day thing that’s when the trouble really began.  One day people were screaming about assault weapons and the next, gangs were roaming the streets with homemade printed guns.  And those printed guns were dangerous.  The gangs made them on 3-D printers that they had bought for free with credit cards stolen from the Internet.  Suddenly the gangs were able to manufacture themselves entire arsenals of assault weapons entirely made from plastic with the specs they had downloaded from Internet sites.  The Newtown, CT. shooting where 20 little kids were slaughtered became old news.  Slaughtering pre-schools became the new “sport” of criminal gang members who were vicious, drug addicted psychos, hell bent on destroying the rule of law.  Kids couldn’t be sent to school anymore since even the best trained and armed security guard was quickly overwhelmed by roaming gangs with their unlimited supply of guns.

And it wasn’t just school that was out, it was airports.  Now terrorists, thanks to the CAD files downloaded from some douchebag in Texas, were able to make gun parts that were invisible to metal detectors at the airports.  Terrorists could easily sneak in guns, hijack planes and kill innocent Americans by the thousands.  After one day of multiple hijacking, all flights were suspended until further notice.  The guns weren’t traceable either.  Anything homemade had no serial number.  Anyone with a homemade gun didn’t bother registering it or getting a license.  Anyone with a plastic gun had a license to kill anyone at any time because they felt like it.  It was the 2nd Amendment in its final fruition.  So now we had to deal with gangs, terrorists and the oddball crazed loner nursing a grudge.

I am going to risk going outside to pee because I can’t hold it in any longer.  If I get back alive I will write some more later.

Day 2

I am glad I found this old notebook.  Now I can, at least tell you, whoever you are, what happened after the plastic guns were printed and assembled.  Supermarkets, shopping malls, movie theaters, churches, stadiums, amusement parks, golf courses all became danger zones.  You couldn’t go anywhere.  It was too risky.  Food stopped being delivered to the supermarkets because gangs were stealing the delivery trucks.  Sometimes the drivers would arm themselves against the bandits but they were overtaken by the sheer numbers.  The gangs were pursued by the police but were masters at melting into the background.  Then the anarchists struck.  Judges were murdered in their own courtrooms with the guards standing by dumbfounded.  All plastic guns evaded detection so it was easy to smuggle them in.  Finally the guards began manually searching every single person who came to the courtroom but it was a very slow process.   Each person who was called to appear in court as a witness, expert or plaintiff, etc. had to have an official number just to stand in line.  The lines were endless.

Food was getting scarce.  By the middle of winter, people didn’t have gardens growing food and most people didn’t have 6 months’ worth of canned goods hidden in the basement.  Nobody thought it would ever be necessary other than those people who called themselves “preppers” who were considered nut jobs by everybody including themselves!  The state government decided to take over certain grocery chains, much to the annoyance of the actual owners, and dole out basic goods.  The government insisted that only women and children could pick up food.  Men were too likely to fight over the supplies.  This would have worked out if gangs of men hadn’t simply begun robbing women and children of their groceries at gunpoint.   So the government decided to dole out food block by block instead.  They’d have the police block off each street, call the name of each family that resided there so the women could pick up the bags and get home safely.  This worked pretty good but again people were starting to complain of starvation and sadly the gangs had more power than the people.  Those printed plastic guns were used once and then tossed away.  There was nothing to indicate who made them, who owned them, who got away by using them for intimidation or for murder.

Then three assassins got into the Supreme Court.  They called themselves “American Patriots” and then killed all nine justices because they felt the justices would now ban ALL guns.  The justices had actually gathered to hear a case on fast tracking immigration that had nothing to do with guns but the American Patriots killed all the justices anyways.  The guards did eventually overpower the Patriots and their throwaway guns but now the President declared Marshall Law.  The 3 assassins were charged, tried and executed by public hanging in the Washington Mall.  Then the President decided to appoint all nine new justices without Congressional approval.  People were screaming “Tyranny!” but what else could be done?  Most of Congress had left Washington and refused to come back until the plastic gun problem was solved.   Someone suggested that the FBI track down all the 3-D printers that had been sold over the last year but they were next to impossible to find.  Even with the help of the distributors, only one out of three printers would turn up.  Usually the original buyer had used a stolen credit card and whoever had the printer now would claim to know nothing about its origins.  They were arrested anyway and the printers confiscated as evidence.

With the new justices in place, all civilian use of guns was banned and the 2nd Amendment was then overturned.  The NRA howled.  More screams of “Tyranny!” were heard all over the media.  Suburban blowhards who thought that owning an assault weapon instantly made them Rambo claimed (on line) they would single handedly take over the government.  None of them did.  They were taken out, charged with treason and sent to prison to await trial.  It would be a very long wait because the courthouses were overwhelmed.  Some claimed that due process was being denied.  And it was, but with Marshall Law in effect, due process could be skirted over.  The suburban blowhards then found a brand new reason to scream – overcrowded prisons were filled with real prisoners who made their lives more than miserable.  Many of the suburban Rambos promptly hanged themselves when they realized there was going to be no way out.  Bleating cowards to the last.

Unemployment shot up to levels higher than even during the Great Depression.  No office building was safe from bandits or gangs.  No one went to work, no one made money, no one had money to spend, no one had anyplace to spend it.  A moratorium was declared on foreclosures.  There weren’t enough sheriffs to serve the notices anyway.  The electric and water plants were guarded by the National Guard which kept them going.  No one died of thirst at that point but it was getting ugly.  Showering and bathing were strictly limited.  The electric power only worked intermittently.  It would be available during the day but at night it went off promptly at 9 pm.  The TVs, the radios, the computers would just die.  Only people with generators could keep the power on but most the generators were stolen by the same gangs that stole the food.  Only the generators weren’t too valuable once the gas ran out from the stations on the highways.   And then people really went crazy.

I am completely out of food so I must go out and salvage something soon.

Day 3

I broke into the neighbor’s house and found some canned peaches but it smelled so bad I couldn’t stay.  Someone must be dead in there.  Lately seeing dead bodies doesn’t scare me anymore because there are so many around, unburied and moldering.  It’s the living that scare me.  Young men who kill on sight, without reason, without fear of punishment.  I haven’t seen any of my neighbors in weeks.  For a while we pitched in together, shared potlucks but as more and more people got killed or ran away, that became less possible.  When my house burnt down, I ran to the shed because I didn’t know what to do or where to go.  I don’t even know what started the fire.  I know I have to change locations because being in one spot for too long means they are more likely to find me.  I don’t want to be found.

Day 4

I have moved to another neighbor’s house.  It doesn’t smell in here.  There is a couple of big bottles of Poland Spring in the closet and a half bag of stale pretzels which I’ve already wolfed down.  They were the most delicious things!  Still starving though.  I also found a flashlight.  I have closed all the drapes so I can see at night without giving myself away.  I am super filthy.  I can’t remember the last time I showered.  Dirt is crusted on top of dirt but at least I am inside a house.  I took a pitch fork with me from the shed although I am surrounded by discarded guns.  Funny, how many of those horrid plastic guns are just thrown in the street because they break after being fired a few times.  But they worked long enough to destroy my life not to mention bring in a new age of anarchy!

A couple of weeks after the new Supreme Court banned all private ownership of guns, the President was ambushed and killed.  The vice president was sworn in and taken to safety; somewhere underground.  My parents were still alive but after the vice president went underground, the power went out and we lost touch with what was happening with the rest of the world.   The weekly drop off of groceries also stopped so we were on our own.  My mom got killed by raiders who came to steal the vegetables from her garden.  My dad was killed trying to save her.  I hid with my little sister in the attic until the marauders were gone but lost my sister a few days later.  I don’t know what happened to her.  I woke up and she was gone and the house was empty. Carla has Down’s Syndrome but she is a very sweet and loving child.  I spent two weeks looking for her but there was just no sign of her.

I feel like shit about that.  I don’t know what to do or where to look.  There is no one to help me.  That I know for sure.

Day 5

Found some canned tomatoes and canned black beans in a house further down the block.  The whole neighborhood seems deserted.  Well, that’s fine by me.  I don’t need anyone else (except my little sister).  I just need to be left alone.  OK, I hate being alone but the only sounds I hear at night are the roar of motorcycles racing down the streets.  Maybe alone isn’t that bad.

Day 6

I found a little boy today.  He told me his name is Davy Wilson.  He is 6 years old.  He was digging through a garbage can in the park when I saw him.  When I said “Hello” he screamed and hugged me tightly.  Fortunately no one heard us.  I told Davy he could come with me if he wanted to.  He said he couldn’t leave with strangers.  He then repeated his phone number and asked if I would call his mom.  I told him my cell was broken and I couldn’t recharge it because the power was off.  I promised him we could walk back to his house but he didn’t know where he lived.  I asked him if he knew my little sister, Carla who is 11 but he didn’t remember her from school, although they were both at the same elementary school.   It is nice to have some company, even if it’s just a 6 year old boy who wants to play Batman all the time.  Now I must find us both something to eat.

Day 7

We are risking walking in the daylight.  We cut through backyards and woods and sometimes stop to break into deserted houses to find food.  So far, the pickings have been very slim.  Davy complains constantly about being hungry.  My stomach growls all the time now.  I think I have lost weight because my jeans are so big.  I will need a belt soon.  I found a backpack which really helps.  I’ve got the flashlight in it, some water bottles and a scratchy blanket.  We huddle under the blanket and make do but honestly it is pretty miserable.  I hope to find more food (and water!) soon.  It’s getting cold out and Davy is starting to look a little pale.  He says he feels fine but I don’t know.   He isn’t as rambunctious as before.

Day 8

We broke into a small Catholic church and much to my surprise there is a priest still here!  He was so nice to us!  He said his name was Father Fernandez and he shared what he had to eat with us.  Davy devoured the food.  Father Fernandez said we must stay a few days as Davy is running a fever.  The church is no longer heated but it is small so the sun and our body heat keep it a little warmer.  The priest has also told me that there is a shelter at the high school now so if we can get there, there will be food, medicine and maybe even hot showers.  I would die for a shower!

Day 9

Davy is still too sick to travel.  The priest goes through his Morning Prayer routine.  I sit in the pews quietly, stroking Davy’s head.  He sleeps a lot now.  The priest found some Motrin to bring down the fever but Davy is too little to be able to swallow pills.  Father Fernandez ground one pill up and put it in wine.  Davy managed a few swallows of that but didn’t like the wine.  There is no orange juice to hide the taste in.   Later the priest found us chicken bouillon cubes.  Davy liked that more and drank an entire cup.  I wanted to give him my cup but the priest said I must drink it to keep up my strength.  Truthfully I think we are eating up all the priest’s food.  I will excuse myself later and see if I can salvage anything from the nearby houses.  We need more food.

Day 10

Found a stash of food at a rundown-looking house across the street.  Brought it back to the church.  The priest looked amazed and asked me where I got all that.  I told him the truth.  He seemed troubled but decided that since it was an emergency, he was sure that God would forgive us both.   We had a feast of canned ham, canned green beans and Fresca.  Davy drained his can of Fresca.  He is getting some color back into his face and says he feels better.

Day 11

I am getting antsy at the prospect of waiting another day to travel but Father Fernandez says one more day ought to put Davy into much better shape.  So I will kill this day waiting.  I swept the floors in the church and then asked why didn’t we stay in the rectory.  The rectory burned down, the priest says.  Seems like a lot of things are burning down lately.

Day 12

We depart the church with some trepidation.  We have miles to walk if we are to get to the high school shelter.  I asked Father Fernandez to come with us but he declines.  He says he must tend to his church.  I ask if his regular parishioners are still coming and he says no.  But he might run into a straggler or two, like Davy and me and be able to help them.  I am suddenly so ashamed of myself.  Why can’t I be more like Father Fernandez and put others before myself?  I tell Father Fernandez this and he says –Candace, you are like me, you rescued little Davy.  I think I am going to cry again.

Day 13

Davy is a noisy 6 year old.  Are all 6 year olds this noisy?  He marches down the street, no cars are coming, no moving cars have been seen in weeks.  Only old wrecks piled up.  Sometimes the remains of a body are still in the driver’s seat.  I try to distract Davy but I don’t think I’m fooling him.  He tells me the dead are in Heaven and I shouldn’t worry when I see their bodies because they don’t need them to live with God.   I am touched by his faith.  I have so very little of my own.  We will sleep in a new house tonight.  It looks abandoned and untouched.

Day 14

We have arrived at the shelter.  There are heavily armed guards standing at the entrance.  We tell them we are alone and need shelter.  After being patted down and my backpack thoroughly searched, we are escorted to the main entrance.  There are throngs of people milling about.   Old people, young people, little kids, a few friendly dogs.  We are checked in, give our names, ages, addresses, etc. and taken to the supply room and given new clothes.  Then our escort tells us we can shower in the gym if we want.  Davy doesn’t want to shower but I make him.  After he is all clean, I get him dressed in his new, clean clothes.  Then I shower in the lukewarm water and it is the most wonderful thing in the world to see all the dirt wash off in black swirls and go down the drain.  I change into fresh clothes that don’t really fit but I feel like a million bucks.  We are given a cold lunch and gobble it down.  We will be sleeping on clean cots.  I bet I will sleep like a ton of bricks.

Day 15

In the auditorium there is a giant TV screen which broadcasts the news 24/7.  Well from 6 am to 9 pm.  The world is in bad shape.  The stock markets crashed worldwide after our president was killed and shipping has slowed to a crawl.  No country wants to come to aid of the US because of the plastic gun problem.   Even sending in a helicopter is risky because the “Patriots” have taken over some military bases and control rocket launchers.  So far no nuclear weapons have fallen into the “Patriots” hands.  God help us if they do.  The Patriots are demanding that the 2nd Amendment be restored.  The Tea Party is demanding that the new president be impeached.  Precisely what their reasons for impeachment are remain unclear.  Apparently they just want to control what’s left of the country.  Which doesn’t seem to be much at the moment.

Day 16

The guards at our school are saying that the UN will be sending international troops in shortly to help the new president get things back on track.  Gangs are being arrested and/killed by the military.  All weapons found in possession of the Patriots are immediately destroyed.    If you are found with a homemade plastic gun, the punishment is immediate execution with neither a judge nor jury.  Marshall Law is still in effect.  When this emergency is all over, I wonder what will happen to Davy.  He doesn’t have any family left as far as anyone can tell.  I hope we can stay together.  He is like family to me.  He’s all I’ve got.

Day 17

I’ve run into some old neighbors of mine.  I am so excited to find both Leslie Stewart and Billy Lenz here.  What’s really weird is that they are married!  Seriously!  Why anyone would get married at 16 is beyond me but they are very happy.  And I am very happy to find friends here!  Davy has many kids to play with.  What’s the point of being a kid if you have no one to play with?  Still no luck in locating my little sister, Carla.  I keep crying on and off, wondering if she is still alive.  Why did she wander off?  Did someone kidnap her?  Was she killed or is she alive somewhere safe?  I worry that I will never know either way.

Day 18

The school is on lockdown and we are under attack!  The Patriots are trying to break into the school.  They are out of food and water and are getting increasingly desperate.  The guards are on the roof top shooting at them.  I hope we survive.  The women and kids have been herded into the gym for safety.  I am trying to put on a brave face for Davy.  I can’t imagine what those so-called Patriots will do to us if they get in.  It won’t be anything good that’s for sure.

Day 19

Victory!  The Patriots have been defeated or at least run away.  More soldiers are on their way.  Houses are being searched one by one looking for any remaining gang members.  All over the country, the news is reporting that gang activity is on the downswing.  I can’t say I’m too surprised.  The gangs were so busy trying to kill the rest of us; they didn’t supply themselves with useful things like food or medicine.  I hope they all die terrible deaths.

Day 20

The Patriots are now beyond desperate.  They have taken trucks and are ramming them into shelters across the country to loot them of food and supplies.  The rumor is that if they breach the shelters, the gangs take out the men first and execute them.  Women and children are sometimes taken as either hostages or possibly as slaves.  So far we are safe.  The soldiers said the UN will divert their troops and send them to “hot” areas to help quell the gangs.  Our guards are now mostly older men as the younger men want to help in the hot areas.  I hope our soldiers succeed.  On TV news, the Patriots say they will surrender if the government will restore their guns.  Are they joking or just insane?  It’s hard to tell but I guess they are insane.  Only an insane person values guns more than life itself.

Day 21

Washington, DC has fallen!  It seems like the end of the world!  The “Patriots” have declared victory and thousands are dancing on the Capitol’s steps, shooting off their guns.

Day 22

The military nuked DC.  It is completely gone.  Only ashes remain where the great white marble city once stood.  It is a terrible shame.  The Patriots have dispersed and may surrender.  Soon?  Even the Japanese surrendered after Hiroshima.

Day 23

The provisional leader of the NRA has surrendered.  He says all members of the NRA will surrender their weapons if they are allowed to go home without being prosecuted.  The Patriots are saying that the NRA does NOT speak for them and they continue to fight sporadically.  The new president will probably accept the NRA’s surrender but wants the military to search their remaining locations for any unaccounted for 3-D printers.  3-D printers are no longer legal but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some around.  All other countries around the world have banned 3-D printers for personal use and only car manufacturers,  medical companies, etc. are allowed to lease them.  All personnel that use 3-D printers must be verified by special agencies.  Why didn’t the adults do that here?  Why were the adults so irresponsible?  It seems so obvious now!

Day 24

New York City has been declared completely free of Patriots.  All of the subways are locked down until further notice but the rest of the city, the above ground part, is open.  We are being sent to NY to live.  I will be given a job and Davy will go to school.  Like normal people!  500 people are moving with us including my friends Leslie and Billy.  I hope we all live in the same building.  I have never lived in an apartment building before.  I hope the elevators work!

Day 25

Bergen County, Essex County and Sussex County have been declared free of “Patriots”.  I am so excited.  The guards are saying if we wait a few more days, Monmouth and Ocean Counties will be declared clear too.  I would like to stay here but I would also like to live in NYC!  Can’t decide which is better but if we move to NYC, then Davy and I have less chance of being found by any remaining family members.  In my heart, I know we should stay.  I don’t want to stay but I guess it’s best if we stay.

Day 26

The State of New Jersey has been declared free of “Patriots”.  There is a major party going on in the school now!  Someone has broken out the ice tea and diet soda!  No champagne but it still tastes bubbly!  The power has come back on and the flush toilets work!  A committee is being formed that will assign all of us to a house where an adult volunteer will live with any unattached children.  I hope the committee will recognize me as an adult so I can stay with Davy.  I hope to move into a house with lots of neighbors around.  I don’t want to feel like a ghost haunting an empty suburb.

Day 27

We are packing up our “things” preparing to move into our new house.  It is actually only 4 blocks away from the school.  I wonder if I broke into it when I was salvaging?  The address doesn’t sound familiar.  We are being issued food/water/blankets.  Each house has been checked and cleared by the adults of guns and dead people.  I don’t know how long it will take to get back to normal because I don’t think things will ever seem normal again but the continental US has been declared free of Patriots (but not Alaska and Hawaii which are very far away).  The TV News shows many, many men being hanged in public places with the military standing guard.  It is sad to see so much death but anyone who values guns more than life of their children deserves to hang.  I am normally not so judgmental but these so-called Patriots have made my life a living hell all because their plastic guns were so damned important to them.  Important enough to kill for them.  Killing to keep a gun.  Does that make any sense at all?  Not to me, it doesn’t.  Can’t imagine why so many people lost their minds.  I remember reading various blogs where the tag line was “you can take my gun when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands.”  A lot of those jerk offs got their wish.  Wonder if they could take it all back, would they?  Hope it was worth it!  OK, I am being sarcastic!

Just found out an older lady will be living with me and Davy.  I hope that it will work out OK.  I miss my family so much.  I wonder, if this lady likes us, what will she ask us to call her?  I don’t think I can ever call another woman “mom”.  Only mom was mom.  Guess I worry about dumb things.

Day 28

The lady we now live with is called Dolores.  She says she is our house mom!  I almost laughed!  She seems like a very nice lady but she started crying when she tried to tell us what happened to her.  I told her we would all share our stories but we could wait until we settled in and were feeling less afraid and alone.  Dolores said that was the worst part – feeling alone.  She is glad to have company in the house.  And so am I.

It’s funny — there is electric power and running water now and I am still writing in a paper notebook.  Unless something big happens, I guess this will be my last entry for a while.  There is so much to do!  Dolores and I will enroll Davy in the local grammar school which is absolutely packed with kids.  I will enroll myself in high school but this time as a student not as a refuge!  Wonder how many kids survived this?  How many adults?  Strangely food is being air dropped from China, Europe, South America and even the former Soviet Union!  Streets are being cleared of smashed cars and dead people.  The world appears to have resumed the business of being alive.  The town where I grew up had 50,000 people in it before the emergency.  Now we are down to 2,000 souls.   All because of 3-D printer guns and selfish creeps who made them without thinking of the consequences.  Never again!  Never again!